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Dean Roupas and Associates is a leading tax and accounting firm. It is an independent firm that focuses on helping businesses and individuals achieve their financial goals by offering premium services. Our team of highly qualified tax and accounting experts offers a full spectrum of advice from tax to wealth protection. 

Trust Worthy

You can trust us with your business and individual books. We are here to understand your goals and needs. Then help you work towards them. 


We have been in the field for over twenty five years. We are good at what we do!


Our client’s needs and goals come first and they are our priority. We are always available to address any concerns our clients might have. 

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Accounting Experts

Dean Roupas and associates is a team of certified tax and accounting experts who have been in business for over twenty years. We offer a wide range of services including financial planning, wealth management, taxes and bookkeeping. We provide personalized accounting advice that focuses on helping our clients achieve their goals. We are fully licensed and equipped to help you achieve all your financial goals. 

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Our Story

Roupas and associates was found by Dean Roupas for the sole purpose of helping clients achieve their goals. Dean Roupas realized that when businesses have an independent accounting firm handling their books, taxes and accounting; then they have more time to focus on the growth of the business. Our financial planning services offer anyone (individuals or companies) the knowledge and advice they need to work towards their success.  Are you tired of trying to get your head around the complex world of accounting? Get hold of us and get the best accounting services!

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Our Clients Are Like Family

We are driven by our clients’ goals.  We take time to understand the needs of each client and do our best to come up with the best solution for the problems or the best way for them to reach their goals. Our clients are our priority and they are like family. 

Who We Are

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